Elizabeth Arden PRO

The clinically proven formulations set another level for performance, utilising our most advanced understanding of skin science and ingredient technology innovations.
Elizabeth Arden PRO is designed to help you reach an enhanced level of younger looking skin while combating the cause of skin aging. Imagine remarkably fresher, more youthful looking skin with an advanced level of protection designed to help keep it looking smoother, more supple and beautiful for years to come. While hundreds, if not thousands, of products claim to rejuvenate the skin, the savvy consumer needs to look beyond the marketing hype looking for clinical data to substantiate product claims.
Elizabeth Arden PRO changes the equation introducing a premium professional standard in clinical efficacy to drive client satisfaction by using cutting-edge technologies to create optimum age defying skincare solutions. Imagine your skin at its very best; Elizabeth Arden PRO gives you the power to achieve it today, maintain it for tomorrow and the future.


Brimming with antioxidants and vitamins, this gentle yet effective skin range is ideal as an introductory skincare for beginners or for those seeking complimentary support alongside other skin treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and light therapies. The range is simple to use yet it’s formula is technically very complex. Vitage® believes in using a barrage of effective vitamin-fuelled ingredients to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and other undesired skin conditions. With a wide range of products for perfecting skin, Vitage® is truly vitamins against ageing.

Idebenone Complex Superceuticals®

This powerful antioxidant targets aging at the cellular source – the mitochondria – eliminating surrounding free radical formation. This essentially corrects cellular aging, completely revitalising the health of your skin.


Revaléskin® rejuvenates and restores the appearance of damaged, unhealthy-looking skin using the highest concentration of CoffeeBerry® Whole Fruit Extract offered in any skin care system.

CoffeeBerry® Natureceuticals™ 100% Natural Perfecting Minerals

This range is not only eco-friendly and clinically proven to improve maturing skin, but it is also infused with minerals and vitamins for replenishing troubled skin.


A non-comedogenic skin care range to suit all skin types. Ideal for ladies, teenagers and men. An easy to use range giving excellent results.