Hair Removal

Unwanted hair a prickly problem?


Depilite IPL a long term solution to unwanted hair for women and men.


  • FREE consultation and patch test will answer all of your questions
  • Non-invasive, quick and safe
  • Most skin types and hair colour can be treated
  • Large areas can be treated in one session
  • The required number of treatments varies, but typically 6+ treatments
  • Treatments every 4 weeks are needed to give optimum results
  • Unlike waxing we do not need the hair to be 5mm long at the time of treatment
  • You can cut or shave the hair between treatments

For IPL pricing please call.


An efficient treatment for the removal of superfluous hair using Lavender Wax or Perron Rigot Hot Wax. The hairs must be 5mm+ at time of treatment. Hot wax is more efficient on certain areas and hair type. Your therapist will advise you.


  • Smooths legs, etc
  • Hair free up to 4 weeks
  • Hairs get finer
  • No stubble
Wax Hot Wax
Eye Brows £10.00 £12.00
Top Lip £10.00 £11.00
Chin £11.00 £12.50
Lip & Chin £16.50 £19.00
Chin & Neck £17.00 £18.00
Lip, Chin & Neck £19.00 £20.00
Face £21.00 £22.50
Underarms £14.00 £16.50
Bikini Line Standard £15.50 £21.00
High Bikini Line £17.50 £23.00
Brazillian £32.00
Hollywood £42.00
Full Leg including Bikini Line £32.00
Full Leg including Hot Wax Bikini Line  £39.00
Full Leg (NO Bikini Line) £29.50
Top Leg & Bikini Line £24.50
Half Leg (Knee to Ankle) £22.00
Half Leg & Bikini Line £29.50 £36.50
Forearms (Elbow to Fingers) £18.00
Whole Arm £21.50
Back & Shoulders £26.00
Chest £24.00
Chest & Tummy £26.00


A quick effective electrical treatment for hair removal. We use sterile disposable needles which is inserted into the hair follicle, a current is applied to the hair root and the hair removed. Over a period of time the hairs become weak and eventually stop growing. Excellent for facial hair.

 Consultation Free 
 5 Minutes £11.50
 10 Minutes £15.50
 15 Minutes £17.50
 20 Minutes £19.50
 30 Minutes £24.00